Content Delivery

In addition to experience with remote terrestrial and satellite broadcasting, our team of highly creative and technical-minded professionals has a wide array of knowledge and expertise in producing and delivering content via the World Wide Web. Pioneering the latest advances in digital encoding and content delivery, BPS is on the cutting edge with experience utilizing adaptive bitrate and live-encoding technologies, as well as a variety of content delivery channels including new “cloud” based HTTP and RTMP streaming services.

BPS has developed numerous media management and content delivery platforms to satisfy unique distribution and archival requirements. Our cloud-based multimedia asset archival system allows for the secure storage and distribution of a virtually limitless number of media files and formats. Utilizing robust access and security controls along with indexed metadata, stored assets can be searched, updated, modified and distributed with ease. Our Video-on-Demand and Content Collaboration system facilitates the sharing and real-time viewing and collaboration of multimedia assets from remote locations.