Vision & Values

Bionetics Photo Services, LLC (“BPS”) is an award winning full service imaging company providing photographic, digital video and engineering solutions to the most challenging of requirements. With headquarters in the city of Cape Canaveral, Florida, BPS provides a broad scope of photography, video, motion picture, technical and engineering imaging and related services. BPS was founded in 1999 by our affiliate, The Bionetics Corporation, a diversified engineering and applied science company with a 40-year history of providing exceptional service to federal, state, and commercial clients. Bionetics is the largest provider of calibration services to the federal government and operates 18 separate government laboratories under 8 different contracts.aerial

Upon completion of the Range Visual Information Technical Services (RVITS) contract in 1998, which provided multimedia and technical support to the U.S. Air Force, Bionetics established BPS in an effort to provide diversified imaging and related services to launch agencies at CCAFS and KSC, as well as to commercial firms in Central Florida. Since that time, BPS has provided multimedia services under contracts with Lockheed Martin, United Launch Alliance and the U.S. Air Force, as well as commercial firms across the country.

BPS employs a core group of experienced, award-winning audio, video, motion picture, and still imaging technical and engineering specialists, and television production professionals. Each of our employees are multi-disciplined in various aspects of our business base and are accustomed to working in compliance with a wide variety of special operations and safety requirements and procedures.  They are also thoroughly familiar with the equipment and procedures required for acquiring images in compliance with special environmental, security and safety needs of the launch environment.

shuttleOur excellent track record of providing timely and high quality launch imaging services demonstrates our team’s familiarity with hazardous requirements, inherent risks, and unique conditions present in the mission-affiliated environment.  This familiarity helps our personnel identify, anticipate, and avoid risks.

Our facility in the city of Cape Canaveral accommodates administrative and operational offices, a digital non-linear HD video editing suite, a commercial studio, engineering and maintenance shops, and a custom still photography laboratory.  Our equipment inventory is extensive and includes digital still and high definition video cameras, lenses, lighting equipment, and accessories.  Unique equipment includes proprietary camera systems and explosion-proof housings for technical photography; 10 mobile spotlights (35 million candelas each) and 10 mobile generators (22 KVW) used to light launch vehicles on the pad, and to provide other high illumination specialized lighting.